The Love of God REVEALED!

The Love of God REVEALED!

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Reference scripture –  1 JOHN 4:17-18 (AMP)


About 2007/8 I was in business. I did not make a conscious decision to become an entrepreneur so it was a new experience for me. I set up offices, did company accreditation, employed staff and now I had to get clients in to pay for the overheads. I remember sitting in my office praying around the middle of the month for the money to meet my obligations at the end of the month. The word I heard from the Lord was I need to be perfected in His love. The end of the month came and the money was there. The next month I did the same and I prayed again and had the same word to be perfected in the love God. I remember sitting there and saying to God, Yes I have heard Kenneth Copeland teaching about the love of God. As soon as I get the money and this situation sorted out I will study the topic on the love of God and read the book.


I then decided okay if I am not going to get the money through contracts or projects then I will use my faith to get it. Then the Lord led me to Gal 5:6 which says that faith worketh by love.

I could not believe it. Back to love again.


What does love have to do with money and finances. This is how this life changing journey started.


I then realized that I will have to study the topic of love if I wanted an answer to my financial challenges.


I learnt that even my faith will not come to perfection until I know that I do not get things from God based on anything but the love He has for me. It is not based on my performance, spiritual activities or my knowledge but based on the fact that He is my Creator, Father and it is His good pleasure to give me all things.


V18There is no fear in love. The fact that I was doubting if God was going come through with the money for the bills and though the money came through the next month  I was battling the same fears and doubts.


The Lord then gave me a revelation of His love through an incident that happened with my son. My son was 11 years old and travelling unaccompanied to visit my mother in London, UK. As I handed him over I went to my car cried in the airport car-park and then went home thinking that by the time I get up in the morning he would be close to landing . To make a long story short, there was a breakdown in communication between my mother and I after his landing for about 4-5 hours. I remember being sick to my stomach because it was also a connecting flight and I was thinking where am I going to find my son. Do I fly to London or Dubai? I went to the chemist after church for tablets for the anxiety that was tearing up my stomach. When I got home I was still trying everything to get hold of my Mum. I sat in my room and with this pain in my stomach the Lord said – do you see how much you love your son. ‘I responded, yes’. He then said do you know how much I love my Son?


In that moment I realized if I had to chose between my life and my son’s it would be an easy answer, take my life and spare my son.


The Lord then said again do you know how much I love my Son? I thought about it and the next answer I got was the question that changed my life. If you can imagine how much I love my Son, how much do you think I love you if I gave my Son in exchange for you? On the cross it occurred to me that the love of God for me is past finding out. That was when my faith exploded because It was based on how much I was loved and I cannot recall having these type of financial challenges although I must have had them but now I know God cared for me and loved me enough to know what I was going through.


Phil 5:7 – He therefore says cast all your cares upon me for I care for you. This is where I Selah.