As new concepts such as collaboration, teamwork and inclusive corporate culture have become more important to build sustainable businesses, EQ has also come to the forefront rather than IQ.

Yes intelligence is important as managers should be competent in their technical areas but then as they climb the corporate ladder, management becomes more important and technical skills are an expected foundation.

As young people enter the world of work it has become necessary for them to be equipped with soft skills as they make the transition from schooling to work. We have seen the rise of graduate programs in organisations to address this gap and up-skill entry level employees with these soft skills training programs.

We will be running workplace readiness courses for learners.

You could participate as a sponsor by sponsoring a learner through our 6 months program. One workshop per month. More details to follow.

6 month program

  1. Opening session – why are we talking about careers or entrepreneurship?
  2. Career guidance
  3. CV preparation
  4. Interview skills
  5. Subject matter mentorship interviews
  6. Presentation & personal branding
  7. Closing session