A study by the Fortune 500 companies have shown that companies with more gender diverse boards have over the years performed and delivered better financial results.

Women all over the world still are faced with the same challenges to break the glass ceiling and feel valued for their contribution at the Boardroom table not as a female but as an Executive.

The Women in Leadership Census commissioned by the Business Women’s Association of 2015 showed the following key findings for the corporate landscape in South Africa:

That women at all levels in corporations are significantly under-represented and that out of 293 JSE listed companies we only have 7 female CEO’s and 27 female Chairpersons of Boards.

Women’s leadership styles are seen to be more suited to modern corporate environment because the diversity in leadership brings a richer perspective when problems are discussed and solutions are considered. Women are seen to bring more long term sustainable perspectives than their male counterparts.

These two forums will also have two annual combined sessions where cross gender discussions will be facilitated as the women and men share their leadership lessons and experiences, they learn from each other and can take these learnings into their respective environments.