Thank you for the amazing gifts today. I was overwhelmed by the divine presence of Lord Almighty. Nkosi Yami Prudence, what a precious encounter!

I thank God for your spirit, you came to the pulpit and took over and did the assignment. I’m in awe of God

Prophetess Prudence I bless God for the gift that is you in our lives. I have been impacted by your ministry today.

Yesterday’s session left me so spiritually uplifted. Prudence delivered much revelation and word in season towards purpose for my life.

I have no words for this morning. Even apart from the life changing things God spoke through you this morning, your resoluteness in being who God says you are SPEAKS

The divine assignment He put on you today. What a precious encounter, what a gift today was. I’m still marvelling at His Might and Glory

Shalom Prudence, I feel the new grace at this new revelation of love. Yes! Amen

Mighty woman of God.. I’m humbled and blessed. Eternally grateful for the honor. May God enlarge your territory. You are a true blessing!

Prudence Mocumi has taken me back to the reading of the Word of God. She has reminded me to seek God from the scriptures – for they testify of Christ- rather than crumbs of interpretation from commentators and commentaries. It has been almost a year now. I thank God that I have found yet again: the sweetness and the Power of God’s Revelation illuminated through out the pages of the Holy Bible. So, I glorify God for sending Prudence

That is exactly what I needed. Grace and peace inside

Ms Mocumi is an authentic speaker who delivers truth with much sincerity

Every time Prudence ministers I am always so inspired by her love and obessions for he Lord. She truly is a woman on a mission to serve the Almighty. Her message is one that comes directly from God, it is amazing how it is relevant all the time she ministers the Word. What a gift and responsibility you have from our Father.

Thank you for this wonderful word

When I first met Prudence she was teaching about the grace of God and the fact that Jesus has qualified us, we should stop condemning ourselves. In that session she gave me a word of knowledge’ “Jesus has qualified you Sister, at the cross He finished all the work, perfected everything concerning you, you are qualified”. Just believe that! She supported this with the Word. Since that day I pursued the gospel of good news with understanding of my fixed position in Christ. She is in the Grace Revolution big time

Embracing her gift with humility and respect has seen her able to share the Word in a way that has unlocked revelations for many and has brought many closer to Christ

She’s an experienced speaker who has been graced and honoured with the responsibility of sharing he Word across a number of stages and pulpits. She’s spoken at our church and addressed women at a conference

I have personally attended some of the events and workshops where Prudence was peaking and I always have been amazed at the depth of wisdom and clarity which she delivers the content. I have founf the Tink Tank sessions to be extremely beneficial in the way that they are facilitated and active participation of the attendees. I have always walked away challenged and equipped in the areas of my life personal and business life

This revelation of posture is just beyond me