The Gifts of God are Irrevocable!

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As we are on the journey of discovering our purpose, we need to get closer acquainted with ourselves.


Many of us do not take time out to look inside of us and see what are those things that we get excited about.


I believe there are dormant talents inside every human being. Many of the people around us would not have a problem with telling us the things they believe we are good at. They constantly compliment us about these gifts and talents and we do not even internalize that feedback. It seems we are uncomfortable with ourselves.


We do remember the sort failings that teachers, bosses, managers, parents and friends would have told us about ourselves


but we do not remember the good things that people compliment us about.


Indulge me and join me in this exercise – for one week let us take pen and paper and ask those around us what those gifts and talents that they have observed in us as they witness our lives. No negative feedback only positive is required. This in itself will be a confidence booster when we hear how much is inside of us.


This shows that we have abilities that are inherent. We have all seen people who have a particular inclination and as they continue to develop the gifts or talents, some have become world famous. Why? I think because they had it on the inside and with a little effort and dedication, they were able to bring it out and shine in the world. Imagine if all of us would do the same? We would become so valuable to the world.


Imagine if all of us ask; what gift/s and talent/s do I have that I can serve the world with?


When you do walk in this area of your gifts, you step into your destiny.