Purpose Gives Direction

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Purpose is what you were designed to do. Every human being has been created with internal treasures that are waiting to be unleashed in your world. Some would call it is a gift. Some would try to call it skill but when refined the world will know there is something special about you in that area. 

If you are tired of going around like a ship without a rudder or an aircraft without a destination, get busy with your passion.  Purpose will help chart direction for your life. Your efforts can then be concentrated in a direction or one an area and that is when you become refined.

Focus. The more you do it, the better you become. 

It requires bravery and courage to take that step. I will even go further to call it a leap of faith. You never know where your gift will lead you. 

If you do it long enough, you too will go from good to great. One day you will realize it was your internal compass that lead you down this path of Purpose all along.