Holy Communion

Holy Communion

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Scripture: 1 Cor 11:20 – 34 (NKJV)


1 Cor 11:20- 22


Paul starts this portion of scripture admonishing the church members at Corinth for the way they are conducting themselves in the church. He then goes on to deal specifically on the matter of the holy communion. He admonished them for treating the holy communion as a common meal and this later we see is to their detriment.


V23 – Paul says he is teaching them that which he had received from the Lord. Paul was not around when Jesus was here so it means this was an important revelation that Jesus revealed to Paul for the church.


V23-24 – This is called the last supper because it happened just before Jesus went to the cross. The Bible says that Jesus had a meal with His disciples and after supper He took bread and gave thanks and broke it.


V24Jesus said take eat this is My body which is given for you. They ate the same bread before and therefore they missed a very important fact. How this bread went from being bread to being His body. Therefore the Corinthians treated it like a common meal. They ate and drank before others and some even got drunk. Jesus took that bread, He gave thanks then he distributed it and SAID, this is my Body. This was where the spiritual lesson starts. No longer are we just eating a meal, this is something significant that you should do ‘IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME’.


V25 – In same manner, Jesus also saying took the cup after supper, ‘This cup is the new covenant in my blood. This do as often as you drink it, IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME’’. When Jesus takes something it ceases to be common just as the bread and the cup became His body and His blood after He took them, gave thanks and said this should be done in remembrance of HIM.


V26 – When you have communion Jesus says that you proclaim His death till HE comes. You are proclaiming ALL that His death accomplished. WE are told to do this UNTIL He return.


V27 – This verse then turns the corner for me because it says that WHOEVER EATS THIS BREAD AND DRINKS HIS BLOOD IN AN UNWORTHY MANNER’, will be guilty of the body and blood of Jesus.  The first thing to draw from this is that the manner in which you partake of communion may have dire consequences on you. Secondly, though you may have started partaking as though it was merely bread and wine, you can be found guilty of the body and blood of Jesus. So communion is not only bread and wine but when you set the bread and wine aside for the purposes of the communion of the body and blood of Jesus, you now are indeed partaking of Jesus Himself.


V29 – This verse clearly elaborates that the manner not the man is where you would miss it. When you partake “NOT DISCERNING THE LORD’S BODY” you are eating judgement to yourself.


V30 – This verse clarifies the result of not discerning the Lord’s body – For this reason many are weak, sick and many sleep. If it was just common wine and bread the consequences would not have been so serious to the extent that some would die.


V33 & 34 – Therefore Paul lastly says be circumspect when you come to have communion. Wait for your brethren to partake together and do not come and eat if you are hungry, because tha is when error may creep in and we fall under judgement of not discerning the body of Christ.



  • It is the Body and Blood of Jesus.
  • It is the manner not the man that leads to judgement.
  • Your are not guilty of sin or ought to examine yourself for sin but the Bible states that you are guilty of not discerning what you are partaking in, the Body and Blood of Jesus.
  • The consequences of not partaking in a manner of discerning the Lord’s body leads to some being weak, sick and some falling asleep.